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"Life is short, but the memories we create together with friends last forever. Come and experience the best of Las Vegas with Neon City Social."

What is Neon City Social?

Brandon Johnson (@BrandonfromVegas)

Neon City Social was created by Brandon Johnson and Josh Skoli in order to solve several different issues that a lot of adults go through in Vegas:

  1. You have recently moved to Vegas and are having trouble making new friends

  2. You have been in Vegas for some time now but are having trouble finding people to go out with

  3. You are just visiting Vegas and have no idea what to do

  4. You want a REAL Vegas experience, with every detail perfectly designed to meet your needs

Whatever your unique case may be, Neon City Social has you covered.  Here is a list of services that you can expect from Neon City Social:

  • Bi-Weekly Social Events and Experiences that can include but are not limited to:

    • Day Clubs/Beach Clubs/Night Clubs/Raves​

    • Themed Bars/Lounges/Bar Crawls

    • Festivals

    • Fine Dining/Local Foodie Events

    • Experiencing local attractions unique to Vegas

    • ...and MORE


Josh Skoli (@joshskoli)

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